Royal Group of Companies

       H.E. Sultan Essa Al Matrooshi 

      Group Deputy Chairman


 Group Deputy Chairman Message :

Welcome to our Group of Companies UAE Dubai / H.Q


Ultra High networth – Strong Platform - High Ranking Enterprises – Prestigious Management.

A bonafide business gate for a powerful businessperson, In the spirit of such, I'd like to propose the concept of the four elements for your consideration, which I believe are very important.  Let's imagine life as a juggling game, in which everyone is simultaneously juggling four balls made of either glass or rubber.

These balls symbolize the aforementioned four elements of life.  They represent work, family, health and wealth respectively.  When the balls are being tossed in the air, it is with expectation that all will bounce back.

However, when we fail to catch the balls so that they drop to the ground, it is obvious that all balls made of glass will be smashed, irrevocably shattered into pieces. That is when we realize that the only one bouncing back is the rubber ball of work!  That is the time you recognize the value of it!

This is all about "value" and "being valued".  The efficiency of the work between you and our perform link it is like the rubber ball.  When it is juggled, it will always come back to reward you by enabling you to achieve the objectives embodied by all of the other three glass balls.

Our Entities beyond virtual presentation HENCE, exploring them will show you their true value.


Contact and Address:

ACICO Business Park Office No:  706 / 707

Port Saeed Street, Dubai, UAE

Tel: +97142384888

Fax +971423868886